Tammy Trent Releases 'Sunny Days,' First Album In Five Years, On August 6

 Tammy Trent- 'Sunny Days'

Tammy Trent, Christian pop musician, is set to release her first album in five years, entitled 'Sunny Days,' on August 6.

The new album will be her first since her very successful 2008 released, 'Stronger.'  It will feature ten tracks, consisting of both worship music and original songs that she co-wrote alongside other artists, including her new single, 'I'm Running,' which had recently found a place on the Top 20 Christian charts.

The album reflects on the idea that the hardships of this world are no match for the power and grace of God.  "This musical offering has brought me to the most beautiful season yet on my personal journey from love to loss and into a deep understanding of God's faithful commitment to us through life's growing moments," said Trent, according to her website biography

Trent is excited for the release of the new album because she feels that it really resonates with her, having been fully engaged in the entire process of producing it.  "I think I'm more excited about this album than any other album in my career, probably because I was so completely hands on throughout the entire process, co-writing 8 of the 10 songs and overseeing all the production," Trent said in an interview with BreatheCast.  "I truly poured my heart and soul into this project and I believe my excitement level comes from the hope that these songs will now make a huge impact in the lives of those who lean in for a listen.  I'm prayerful that they would feel the love of God breathing in their direction and straight into their circumstances, wherever they may be in life." 

This album differs from the past because Trent found that she was able to leave things in God's hands and really allow Him to work through her.  "I think this time around I took more deep breaths, let go of the pressure and tried to really enjoy the process more than ever," she told BreatheCast.  "I gave myself permission to only live up to God's expectations, which for me was, to just show up everyday and give it my all and believe that God would do the rest."

The new album features title track, 'Sunny Days' along with nine other exciting tracks.  The title track communicates a message that, although the hard times can help us to grow, there is also beauty in the world that should be embraced and enjoyed as a gift from God.  "I wanted to write a fun summer song reminding the listener to embrace the seasons of life, however hard they may seem....this too shall pass....the sun will always come out again....and with it comes new growth," Trent told Breathecast.  "God is so committed to us and will never let us go. This is my song welcoming a new season of life on my own journey of loss and triumph, too.  Rain is important for growth but I sure love Sunny Days."

Trent has the life experience to know how hard life can be sometimes.  She lost her husband over 11 years ago and has had to take on the journey of healing and continuing to live since that time.  "I have chosen to wear my heart on my sleeve during my own journey back to life again, in hopes that it would help or inspire someone else to maybe be able to say, 'Because of you I didn't give up,'" she told BreatheCast. "God is our ultimate hope. God is our ultimate healer and when we bring Him all our broken pieces, He will turn our ashes into beauty if we'll let Him.  Healing takes time and I know it's hard, but we have to trust that God is STILL in control when everything else seems out of control.  You are never alone and you will get through this....not somehow....but triumphantly."

Other songs on the upcoming album include 'Glow In The Dark', 'We're Letting Go,' 'Welcome Home,' 'You'll Come,' 'Fall At Your Feet,' 'Your Grace Is Enough,' 'I'm Running,' 'Stronger Now,' and 'Don't Let Him Be The Last To Know.'  These tracks differ from Trent's cover of Hillsong's worship tune, 'You'll Come,' to her excitingly danceable, 'Glow In The Dark,' which speaks of glowing in the darkness with the glory of God.  On her sixth studio album, Trent takes on a very upbeat approach to faith and the positive impact that it can have in each and every one of our lives.

'Sunny Days,' will prove to be an exciting combination of worship, dance and pop music, all of which are linked together in their powerful faith message.  "Although this is my sixth studio record, it's the first album that I can say is completely true to me from beginning to end! Every side of me. I love to worship and I love to dance and I'm still over the moon excited about sharing my faith and hope with those that feel like leaning in for a listen," Trent said according to her bio.


Full Track Listing [according to New Release Tuesday]:

01. Sunny Days

02. Glow in the Dark

03. We're Letting Go

04. Welcome Home

05. You'll Come

06. Fall At Your Feet

07. Your Grace is Enough

08. I'm Running

09. Stronger Now

10. Don't Let Him Be the Last to Know

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