Json’s new record ‘Braille’ has dropped

Lamp Mode Recordings’ artist Json released his new full-length album titled Braille.

Json’s new project contains 13 songs featuring a lot of collaborations with other artists such as Lori, on the title song “Braille,” and “Intoxicated,” Serge & K.B. on the song “Passing,” and with Spec on the track “Work.”

Json’s new project also features Flame on the song “Play my song,” B. Reith & S.O. on “Can’t let go,” Demond on “Stars,” Derek Minor & Bizzle on “Son hit me,” Benjah on “Hold nothing back,” J.R. on the track “Secrets (Part 2),” and Julianna Zobrist on the last song on the record called “Trust you.”

Braille is Json’s fifth studio project. Before the album released, Json let his fans taste the title track through the lyrics video uploaded on Json’s Youtube channel at

Fans can now purchase the project at

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