Everfound: Band To Release Self-titled American Debut Album July 16

Everfound, Christian pop-rock band, will release its self-titled American Debut album on July 16.

The band released a single from the album, entitled, 'Never Beyond Repair,' to radio in February and for purchase online in April.  The song debuted as the most added song in Christian radio the week that it was released.  The popular single is a song about God's grace and forgiveness overcoming all of the mistakes that we have made in our lives.

In addition, Everfound has been releasing a new track from the album to the public every Tuesday and allowing fans to vote on which song, and accompanying video, should be released  Nine songs have been released so far including, 'Pyatigorsk,' 'GO,' 'Unless,' 'Never Beyond Repair,' 'Count the Stars,' 'God of the Impossible,' 'Hallelujah,' 'Somewhere New' and 'Hurt.'

Everfound is a Russian-born band comprised of four bothers Nikita on lead vocals and keyboard, Ruslan on keyboard and guitar, Yan on drums and Ilarion on bass.  At a young age the brothers immigrated from Russian to Denver, Colorado, where they were able to find freedom from the religious persecution that their ancestors and suffered through in previous generations.  From there they became inspired to make the most of this freedom and glorify God through their music.

The band has had music appear on the History Channel's mini television series, 'The Bible' and their song 'What Love Means' appeared on its 'inspired-by soundtrack.'  Rick Warren, who attended a kick-off event for the soundtrack tweeted after the event, "Mark my word: This band is going to be HUGE!" The band has also collaborated on a single featuring Tyler Ward called, 'She said.'  

Fame has not been the band's main concern, however.  They are much more concerned with being genuine and faithful through their music.  "If we were just trying to be famous, we would have signed with a label a long time ago," Nikita said, according to the band's website. "But those labels didn't share the vision for our band. When Word came along, they got it. They let us be ourselves." 

Their new self-titled album has been a big production.  They wrote 75 songs, originally, and eventually narrowed it down to just the best 12.  Every song on this record is about something that we've gone through ourselves," Nikita said according to the website. "The struggles, the defeats, the victories, peaks, valleys and everything in between - all written with the goal of reaching people with the love of Christ."  The band's goal with the upcoming album is to create songs intensely personal songs that will serve as kind of a soundtrack to people's lives on a daily basis.  

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