Stellar Kart: New Album, 'All In,' To Be Released August 27

Stellar Kart, Christian rock band, is set to release their upcoming album, 'All In,' on August 27.

Adam Agee, lead vocalist and guitar player for Stellar Kart, explained in an exclusive interview with Mstars/ Hallels that the album is already finished and is just waiting to come out in August.  "Our album is done and it comes out August 27.  It's going to be called 'All In,'" he said.

The band's last original album release was in 2010 and was entitled, 'Everything Is Different Now.'  There have been a number of changes within the band since the last album was released, namely the fact that most of the band members are different.  Agee is the only original band member remaining, and new members have since joined the band including Nick Baumhardt (former Thousand Foot Krutch touring guitarist) on guitar, Jeremi Hough on drums and Aleigh Sheilds on bass and vocals.

Many of the original members left the band in order to be able to focus on things like their marriage and starting a family. "It's always tough when somebody decides to move on and do something else in the band and you definitely miss those guys, or whatever, but you've got to keep moving on a keep playing and we've been fortunate to have people step up to be a part of it," said Agee.  "It honestly hasn't really been too difficult.  It seems like there's always just somebody in the right position."

Stellar Kart, with its new membership, has already released their new single, 'All In (Apologize),' the title track from their upcoming album.  "It's basically a summation of the last couple years of my life," Agee said.  "The song is basically about not living life half way, not just half way believing what we believe or compartmentalizing God and just giving Him Sunday morning or just giving Him bits and pieces of our life.  It's more of a whole-hearted, complete connection with God and I want that."

The song was inspired by a lyric that Agee came up with that reflects on his natural punk-rock attitude.  "The lyric was, 'I won't apologize for what I believe,' so kind of that attitude, just I'm unapologetic about what I believe in.  It's kind of an anti go-with-the-flow kind of thing," he said.

The band aims to encourage and challenge fans through their upcoming album.  "I think, from the beginning we've been about encouragement, none of our music really tears you down or anything.  It's mostly really encouragement, building you up, having a good time," Agee said.  "And then, this new record, takes it to the next step, not only just encouraging but it also moves on to challenging as well.  I think encouragement is extremely important, but then I think there needs to be more than just encouraging.  I think there also needs to be challenging.  And it's challenging in your walk it's challenging in your life and your decisions and challenging you to be the best Christian you can be."

The band has undergone a great deal of growth over the years, and so has Agee. "It's like anybody or any job," he said.  " You grow and learn more about your trade and your craft and you try to get as good as you possibly can and keep improving and you're always looking to do better and better.  And that's kind of what I've been doing and I feel like it's just my calling, this is what I'm supposed to be doing."

In addition to their upcoming album, Stellar Kart will also be touring throughout the summer and then, in the fall, they plan on touring with Audio Adrenaline.  "I hope to keep going as long as I feel like it's what God wants me to do, and I really enjoy touring, I really enjoy meeting people and playing shows.  I like seeing new cities and seeing the world," Agee said.  "I like making music that positively impacts people and I'd love to continue doing that as long as I can and get involved with as many people as we can and experiencing relationships as we can."

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