Shine Bright Baby, 'Beautiful Love' Official Music Video Released June 13

Christian electronic rock band, Shine Bright Baby, released their official music video for their new single 'Beautiful Love,' on June 13.

The new single was released on May 24 and proceeds their upcoming debut fell-length album, 'Dreamers,' which is expected to be released on July 23.

The 'Beautiful Love' music video features the band members in light colored attire perfoming their song about God's beautiful love while occasionally getting hit with large amounts of brightly colored powder. The imagery in the video represents God's ability to wash us clean of our sins and make us look brand new.

Shine Bright Baby had an unexpected start. The four Orrville, Ohio natives, Emily, Nathan, Josh and Karl, started small but then their local reception grew strong enough that major festivals and record labels began asking for them to perform. "At the beginning, Shine Bright Baby wasn't very intentional," Emily Irene, lead singer said, according to the bio on the band's Facebook page. "Nathan first brought the idea of starting a band up for fun and it was a ride we took alongside our lives while pursuing college and other interests. But God had other things in mind and we're a testimony of how God's will intersects lives towards His plans, which can completely change for the better."

The band is very has a very strong faith background, although, growing up they found themselves performing amounts mixed crowds from the more mainstream to Christian-focused circles. All of the members have experience leading worship in their churches, and their main goal is to glorify God in their worship. "We got our name from Philippians 2, which talks about shining brightly for the Lord, but we wanted to take what that verse said and apply it to the band's mission and what we stood for," Joshua, vocalist, guitarist and pianist for the band said, according to the bio. "Emily wanted it to be more fun and playful, so she tacked 'Baby' on the end and it just stuck."

The band landed a record deal with BEC Recordings after appearing at Alive Festival, at which point their career seemed to take off. "After we signed, we went into a really serious songwriting mode, coming up with 70 or 80 songs," said Emily, of the song that have made their way onto the group's upcoming national debut, 'Dreamers'. "We needed to find what we wanted and what felt right, and throughout that process, we experienced a lot of growth."

The album will feature both experimental and straight-forward music, showcasing the group's diverse capabilities. The name 'Dreamers' reflects on the band's sudden surprise when God unexpectedly redirected their dreams toward full-time music ministry.You can't put a limit on what a dream is and you can't put it in a box," Joshua said, according to the bio. "Dreams can be so creative and so vast that's there's often times so much room for growth and expansion. We wanted to release a record that would empower our fans and inspire them to follow their God given dreams and pursue God and His plan for their lives."

In addition to 'Beautiful Love,' the new album will feature song titles such as 'Made To Glow,' 'Love Restores' and 'The Brave Ones.' They communicate messages about God's love shining through us, His ability to renew the broken and the idea that we should live boldly in our faith. "A lot of songs today have so many negative undertones, and rather than writing a bunch of songs that wallow in struggles and hurt, we want to have these songs be lights to shine in the darkness," said Emily, according to the bio. "The purpose of this album is to help other people with a message of God's forgiveness and redemption that they'll hopefully find optimistic, inspiring, and relatable."

The band is expected to hit Acquire The Fire and a number of other festivals this summer. In the fall, their tour schedule will become even more busy as they travel and promote their new album. "We're all young, we love to have fun and we like the crowd to have a good time right along with us," Nathan, guitarists and programming head, said, according to the bio. Karl, drummer for the band, adds "We're really passionate about what we do, which sometimes finds us jumping around on stage and sometimes settling into a worship set since we always want to give credit where it's due. You can expect a really tight, interactive show that you can walk away from ready to take on the world and follow your dreams."

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