The Almost , 'Fear Inside Our Bones' Released June 11

The Almost, Christian rock band, released their newest album, 'Fear Inside Our Bones' on June 11.

The new album is unique in that it was recorded entirely in one-room Nashville studio in which the five band members performed every song on the album together in unison over the course of five days.

"It wasn't a piecemeal process as the majority of modern records are," said lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Aaron Gillespie, according to The Almost's website. "It's something none of us have ever done and with the time crunch, we were surprised how tight of a live band we've finally become.Thematically, we bounced the entire record off using anxiety as our backboard."

This recording technique produced a gritty live sound that suits the very nature of the new album.  'Fear Inside Our Bones,' deals with the theme of the uncertainty of the human condition and this theme is echoed through the lyrics, various musical styles and echoey recording quality featured on the album.

Gillespie explained on the band's website that with the lyrics of this new album, "you have to test yourself. So often, we take things that we see and hear at face value. With yourself, you can't do that. You've got to test everything. You can't trust yourself until you've tested yourself. You've got to run your thinking through the lens."

The album takes a very open and honest approach to its music and lyrical content.  "I want to make music that I believe in," Gillespie said. "I want people to trust that I'm being honest. I'm not so concerned about moving units or anything like that. It's about being honest with people. I want everyone to realize this is real. This is my life and reality."

The Almost, comprised of Aaron Gillespie on vocals, guitar and drums, Jay Vilardi on guitar, Dusty Redmon on guitar, Jon Thompson on bass and Joe Musten on drums, debuted their first album 'Southern Weather' in 2007, featuring their hit song 'Say This Sooner.'  

Then, in 2009, they released their second full-length album entitled, 'Monster Monster," featuring popular songs ilke 'Lonely Wheel' and 'Hands.'  Naturally a gifted studio band, their 2009 album marked a turning point in their career during which they discovered their strength in live performance.  

"We've always been polished in the studio," Vilardi said according the the band website. "We never quite got the live energy down. We became a great live unit on the 'Monster, Monster' cycle because we were busier than we'd ever been. That played into the vibe of this record. On stage, Aaron is a fireball of energy. We share anxiety. We're anxious little dudes, and you can hear that in the record because it's live."

'Fear In Our Bones,' marks The Almost's third full-length studio album.  They found that recording live saved a great deal of money in addition to creating a gritty, dirty vibe that they loved.  "It was amazing doing everything live. I'll do records like this for the rest of my life," Gillespie said.

The new album features interesting musical elements such as broken guitar sounds during the opening track, 'Ghost,' as well as sitar stylings in the title track, 'Fear Inside Our Bones.'

"There's hope," Gillespie said of the new album.  "People are free to feel the way they feel and go through what they're going through. We're free to hurt. We're free to live. I think music is the best vehicle to spread that. Music is the great communicator. This is my soundtrack, heartbeat, and who I want to be. I hope everyone feels like this record belongs to them."

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