Tim Timmons, 'Cast My Cares,' New Album Released June 4

Tim Timmons released his Reunion Records debut album, 'Cast My Cares,' today (June 4).

The new album focuses on what it means to truly follow Jesus, rather than simply believing in Him, according to the Tim Timmons website.  "Following Jesus versus being a believer in Him is revolutionary," Timmons said.  "I actually believe it will revolutionize the power of the Kingdom. What if the people who fill our weekend church services actually saw themselves as the church in the name, the power and the authority of Jesus as we walked out of that building? I get really excited just thinking about it."

The new album was produced by Paul Mabury and it features soft ballads as well as powerful worship anthems. The title track of the album, 'Cast My Cares,' emphasizes the importance of of trusting in God when times get rough.  Other songs on the album include, 'Starts With Me,' 'It's Your Revolution,' 'You Remain,' 'Christ in Me,' 'Let's Be Beautiful,' 'For Your Glory,' 'I Will Follow Love,' 'Great Reward,' 'Holy Unafraid,' and 'Only One Standing.  The album contains themes such as making a difference in the world, humbling ourselves before God, trusting in God to provide for our every need, perseverance through faith, living out the power and love of Christ in our lives, and more.

Timmons is a blogger, a worship leader, a husband, a father of four and a singer/songwriter with a unique raspy sound to his voice and an inspirational message of faith and hope to share.  He was diagnosed with incurable cancer over ten years ago, according to a bio by K-Love.  "Before all this stuff, I kept hearing about the same verse over and over- Philippians 1:21, 'For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.' I kept saying it over and over- for me to live is Christ, to die is gain. That was right before I found out about cancer," Timmons said.  "So all of a sudden my life made sense. What if my whole life is about Jesus? And when I go meet Him, that's what I go do- I go meet Him. It became really simple. I think that's how I've been able to walk through this stuff."

'Starts With Me,' off of the new album is a song that deals with the idea of walking with Jesus.  "I wrote 'Starts with Me' a few years ago. I was trying to figure out, how we start a revival. The answer I got was from this devotional I read, that had a story of a young preacher who went to an old pastor and said, 'Hey how do I start a revival in my town?' The old pastor took a piece of chalk and wrote a circle on the ground and he said, 'A revival doesn't start in your town, it starts with you, on your knees walking with Jesus.  I've just found myself in my life saying 'Jesus, come partner with me in what I'm doing.' And I think Jesus is saying, 'Hey guys, let me lead. Just follow me, and I will do great things,'" Timmons said according to K-Love.

"Cancer sucks," he said, according to his website. "So, I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Yes, I'm ready to be healed and I'm asking Jesus for that daily... I actually live as though I will be healed at some point, but in all of the craziness of cancer there is a gift. The gift through an incurable cancer, or any other sorrow we face, is perspective. And perspective is the gift that keeps on giving."  

This perspective has given him a desire to speak to his Christ-seeking audience with renewed urgency, as if they were in the same position that he is in.  "I write songs that are simply prayers that I need to hear," Timmons said. "I live for the presence of God in my life now, today. I'm learning to not obsess about the future. This posture starts for me at the beginning of each day, on my knees asking Jesus to reveal what He has for me. All I have to do is follow Him."

Timmons says that he aims to "draw people into the movement of Jesus."  He wants to spend the rest of his life committed to a revolution and awakening for Christ and he has already made progress, according to the Tim Timmons website.  Songs from his new album, 'Holy Unafraid,' and 'Let's Be Beautiful,' are working to inspire Christians to serve Jesus boldly and fearlessly and set a beautiful example for the world.

Earlier today (June 4), Timmons tweeted about the release of the new album saying, "The day is finally here! #CastMyCares is available now @iTunesMusic.  Get it here: ‪‬."

He is currently based out of The Following Church in Laguna Hills, California, according to K-Love.  He lives there with his wife Hilary and their four children.

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