Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Movie Release Date With Joseph Gordon Levitt In The Lead


Neil Gaiman's Sandman To Have Movie Adaptation With Joseph GordonLevitt In The Lead

It's been reported before that Neil Gaiman's master of dreams graphic novel Sandman will have its movie adaptation and that it is courting Inception, Dark Knight Rises and Don Jon star Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in the lead role of Morpheous. And now, it seems like the adaptation is really in the works; with Warner Bros. being positively receptive about the idea.

Sandman tells the story of Dream or Morpheus, one of the seven Endless who controls over the world of dreams and his discoveries. It was Vertigo's flagship title from 1989 to 1996 and one of the few graphic novels to make it to the New York Times Best Seller list.

David Goyer, screenwriter of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel is known to be interested to produce the Neil Gaiman comic to great heights with Warner Bros. Having worked with successful comic book adaptations to the big screen, Goyer is a master to making things like this work big time and that could mean big opportunities for Warner Bros as well.

Meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt just happens to be a big fan of the comic and that creator Neil Gaiman is more than thrilled to have the actor on board for the lead role. But there's also a possibility he would be engage to the project to direct. Gaiman discloses that Goyer and Gordon-Levitt have come up to him to talk about their plans for the direction of the movie adaptation. One thing is for sure, Neil Gaiman gives the thumbs up for the two.

It has also came to light that Goyer's been talking to Jack Thorne to pen the screenplay, who also wrote for The Ocean at the End of the Lane; another Gaiman work. Gaiman has shown his admiration about Thorne's treament to his work, thus giving another green light to the project.

In the meantime, fans can hold onto releases such as Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice, Justice League, Wonder Woman and Man of Steel 2 in an alleged list from Warner Bros.



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