Hip Hop artist Fedel releases V.I.P. album

Hip Hop artist Fedel released his new album titled V.I.P. Fedel shared through his Facebook page that the album was inspired by pain and disappointment that life brings to all, and that we must stand together.

V.I.P. contains several collaborations featuring T. Haddy, J.R., Jai, Social Club, Dre Murray & Spzrk, Von Won, and Json.

Fedel, “Me and @Json116 have a song on called "Turn Up" on the VIP album. “Me and J.R have a song called Suburbs vs the Ghetto on the VIP album.”

V.I.P. contains 11 tracks total:

1. I Will Be

2. Make a Scene

3. Be Something

4. Dream Big

5. Break the Law

6. Family Secrets (feat. T. Haddy)

7. Suburbs vs the Ghetto (feat. J.R.)

8. Your Love (feat. Jai)

9. Trust Him (feat. Social Club, Dre Murray & Spzrk)

10. Lemonade (feat. Von Won)

11. Turn up (feat. Json)

Last week, Fedel also shared on his official Facebook page that his new project is not the only thing dropping this year. Along with this announcement he posted an ultrasound scan of a baby he and his wife are now expecting. 

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