Brian Free & Assurance update on their new baritone singer

Southern Gospel group Brian Free & Assurance is currently deciding who will be their new baritone singer. Brian Free, a tenor singer and frontman of the group is still praying to God to give him an answer on the right person to become part of this music ministry, according to the recent posting on the group's Facebook page.

In order to choose well, Brian Free went through almost 300 applicants from five different countries in the last 10 days. Currently, the applicants narrowed down to just a few.

Free shared on the group's Facebook today, “We are a very close family here and I want to make sure we choose the right one so please pray God will give me and Pam the wisdom to pick the right man.”

Beginning of May, Brian Free & Assurance announced that Derrick Selph who was with the group for almost 10 years is leaving due to family matters. Selph and his wife Jennifer are now expecting their second baby.

Subscribers to the “Singing News” have also nominated the group in 5 categories in the top 5 for the Fan Awards.

Brian Free & Assurance is nominated for:

Favorite Album - "Nothing But Love"
Favorite Song of The Year - "I Want To Be That Man"
Favorite Non-Performing Songwriter - Ricky Free
Favorite Tenor - Brian Free
Favorite Traditional Male Quartet - Brian Free and Assurance

Brian Free & Assurance’s new single “Calvary Cry” is currently #6 in the Singing News chart.

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