Luke Caldwell of Esterlyn flying to China to pick up a little boy he adopted

Luke Caldwell a lead vocal, guitarist and frontman of worship band Esterlyn shared through the band’s Facebook page that he’s flying to China to finally pick up a little boy Morris he and his wife adopted.

Caldewell, “Hey friends- My wife and I are flying to China today to pick up our little boy! Please keep our family in your prayers. We love you and appreciate all of you so much!”

Luke and his wife Miranda are married for over 10 years and have two children. When the adoption process started, Miranda shared on about the adoption process and how it all started.

The couple began the adoption process end of 2012 after their strong desire to adopt a child and many prayers offered for the process. Today, the couple flies to China to pick up little Morris and bring him to his new home to become a part of the family.

Five year old Morris will become a dear brother to Elias and Brighten. After five years in an orphanage, Morris will be tucked in nightly by his mom and dad.

About Esterlyn:

Band Esterlyn was named after Luke Caldwell’s adopted niece. The band released their latest 12-track worship album Woven in September 2012.

The band released two new music videos from the project. One video was for the song “Everyday your love is new,” and the other for the song “White.”

The band described the song “White” as a prayer pointing out that we live in a society that has lost its innocence and longs for something pure, and that this desire to become clean can only be found in being born again. To become clean and whiter than snow can be possible only in the perfect work Jesus Christ has already done for us. Those who have asked Jesus to become your Lord and Savior, those are white. It’s not possible to earn it, or deserve it but he has cleansed us by his great love which is a free gift. 

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