Former lead singer of Addison Road Jenny Simmons working on new project regarding South Sudan

Former lead singer of a popular band Addison Road which disbanded last year, Jenny Simmons, is currently working on new project regarding South Sudan, according to her yesterday’s Facebook posting.

Simmons expressed, “Working on one of the most ambitious projects I've ever done. It is SO beyond me. SO much bigger than me. SO exciting.”

She mentioned that the project should launch sometime late summer.

Simmons invited fans and friends to help her with the project, “I am looking for anyone who is intimately acquainted with South Sudan to answer the following questions: Why does the future of South Sudan matter? AND Why should the Church (universal) care about the future of South Sudan?”

She invited everyone who would like to be a part of this moment #SouthSudanMatters and can answer these questions to email her directly at

Jenny Simmons, “Can't wait to engage family, friends and fans with a country I have fallen in with. More news to come soon!”

After Addison Road disbanded, Simmons decided to continue as a solo singer. Simmons recently released her new project titled The Becoming.

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