Josiah James to release new music video for the song “Chasing the wind” June 4

Singer/songwriter and recording artist Josiah James will release new music video for one of the songs from his latest project titled All Forgotten Things. James and his crew spent three days recording a music video for “Chasing the wind,” which is the fourth song on the album.

James shared that filming of the video was some of the most challenging work he has yet done, but he’s very excited for it.

After the first day of the taping James shared, “So much hard work from EVERYBODY. Lugging music/video equipment for miles on trails and down steep slopes. I can't be more thankful to everyone involved with today.”

He continues, “Seriously humbled by the people that support this ministry! Thank you Mikey, Jordan, David, Horatio, Steven, Wade, Jade, Kaytlyn, Zach and everyone else involved!”

James announced that the video for “Chasing the wind” will release June 4th.

James, “Can't wait to show you all it on JUNE 4th!”

Josiah James released his first full-length album The Morning Lights while in college. Later on he released two EPs Chasing the wind and Oceans.

James performed over 500 concerts nationwide with bands such as Esterlyn, Future of Foresty among others.

James’ second full-length album All Forgotten Things came out in early 2012. James shares, "The idea behind All Forgotten Things came from the example of the Christian walk in comparison to Israel. Just like how Israel always forgot God's goodness and faithfulness in saving them and then still turning away from God and towards idols, so we turn away from Him and forgot our true love and joy."

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