John Schlitt to work on Christmas album in Schlitt style

Rocker and lead singer of Petra, John Schlitt, is readying for the Christmas album. Schlitt wishes to make the upcoming holiday album in John Schlitt style, as he shared on his Kickstarter project page.

Schlitt is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for the Christmas album. In a video to support the campaign, Schlitt shares that many people asked him when will he do a holiday project and he confirms that now is the time!

Schlitt envisions the project containing six to seven Christmas songs but done in a very different way-John Schlitt style, and maybe some praise songs that goes along with Christmas feel.

Schlitt is a rocker, therefore he is aiming for the album that ‘you will not fall asleep to,’ as he mentioned in his video.

Schlitt, “To me, Christmas music is really seasonal praise music; it zeros in on the event that heralded Christ’s physical presence on earth. We glorify God all year long with our praises and with our worship, but Christmas is the time we focus specifically on the birth of Jesus Christ and what His coming to this world means for us. We celebrate His birth; the whole world acknowledges Christmas as a special time. As fallen creatures living in a sinful world, we rejoice that Jesus took on human form and lived a perfect life in an imperfect world in order to save us. What more could be worth celebrating!”

Schlitt aims to raise $35,000 which will be used to create his Christmas project including CD design, graphics, manufacturing and other costs.

Schlitt, “I have been truly blessed by the love and support I have been shown throughout the years; my wish is for all of us to work together to make this year a very special musical Christmas!”

There are some fun rewards for those who decide to backup this Christmas project. Rewards include handmade Christmas ornaments made by John, homemade Christmas cookies package baked by John, digital Christmas photo, and other.

For more information about John Schlitt and his Christmas project visit his Kickstarter page at 

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