Check Out Matt Marvane's Integrity Europe New Single "Forever I'll Sing"

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French singer-songwriter Matt Marvane has just s dropped a brand new single. "Forever I'll Sing" is the English version of "Je Chanterai," a song that traveled widely in the French-speaking church and which is certainly one of the best known songs Marvane wrote.

Birthed out of a troubled time in his marriage when the artist turned to worship, this song is a testimony of the grace of God turning our most fragile moments into blessings for many. The single offers a worshipful pop folk soundscape on which Scottish singer-songwriter Steph Macleod also lends his warm vocals.

Matt Marvane writes: ""Forever I'll Sing" is certainly one of the best known songs I have written. After a huge argument with my wife at the beginning of our marriage, I headed to our bedroom and saw my guitar in the corner of the room ... I decided to grab it and let my heart express itself. I could never have thought that God would one day use a moment when I felt so bad and turn it around to do something wonderful and bless many through it.

God alone is able to do that, but it's up to us to trigger it! Don't let emotions crush you but use them to trigger the blessing! Giving glory to God in the frail and difficult moments of our lives will always be a choice! Nobody's spared from difficulties but we have all received grace to ask God for help! Do not give in but give Him glory!" 

Right from an early age, French singer, songwriter, worship leader and mainstream crossover artist, Matt Marvane has found himself immersed in two cultures.

On one side has been faith. The son of a pastor, who completed a two-year theology course in England, before returning home to pursue the sense of calling to lead people in worship. On the other side is Music. At 6 he was playing the piano, studied music, created a gospel choir at 17, formed JTM Band with friends, recorded 4 albums with them and toured across Europe and Canada.

Out of a desire to equip people involved in worship ministry, Matt started "Louange Collective", helping churches find their own identity and develop their potential.

After his 2013's solo album - 'Un Coin de Paradis' he was signed by a mainstream French label. This collaboration resulted in the release of his album 'Noirs et Blancs' which won 'Album of the Year' at the Angels Music Awards in France.

His single "Heavenly Father" featuring Paul Baloche played a key role in Matt signing with Integrity Music, and the release of his third solo album 'Resistance'. The songs are the result of efforts by Matt and his wife Sarah to encourage unity in the church throughout Europe.



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