Alexandria Levin Shares Her Passion Behind Her New Worship Album "Amazed"

Alexandria Levin

Alexandria Levin is a passionate worshipper and follower of Jesus. While she has been traveling with ministry teams and served in worship leadership for awhile, she is relatively new on the national CCM worship music scene. For years Alexandria has written songs and used music as an expression of her worship. In 2018, she took a more intentional approach to her songwriting and began collaborating with friends and family as well as joining the Dream Records roster.

Late in 2018, Alexandria connected with Glenn and Susan Tabor of Gat3 Productions. Glenn is a multi-grammy award winning Engineer and Producer in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the encouragement of Gat3 and Dream Records, she began work on her first full length album. This album Amazed will be released on January 17th and it will contain 10 original songs.  

Q:  Alexandria, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself: how did the Lord lead you to serve Him as a worship leader?

Thank you for this opportunity to share a little bit about me. 

For as long as I can remember I've had a passion for Jesus and a longing to worship Him! Music Ministry has always been on my heart. 

Q:  Where are you currently serving now? 

I am currently serving at Christian Life Center in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. 

Q:  On your website, you said that 2014 is your favorite year, why is that so?

2014 was the year that God restored so many broken parts of my life and my family's life. 

Q:  You have a new worship album coming out.  Tell us the process of how this album came about and how you became involved with DREAM Worship?

God put the right people in my path to set the wheels in motion for writing this music and getting connected with DREAM. 

Q:  Did you write most of the songs on this new record?  Tell us a little about the writing process. 

I wrote on half of the songs on the album.  The other songs on the album were written by friends of mine.  When they shared them with me, they really touched my heart.  I related to the lyrics in such a deep way that I wanted to sing them and share them with the world. 

Q:  I have just been listening to your new album Amazed.   I love particularly the song "How I Trust," which you sang with so much vulnerability and conviction.  What's the story behind this song?

"How I Trust" was written by some friends of mine who live in North Carolina. They wrote this song a couple of years ago and shared it with me when we first started working together on songwriting.  I immediately felt a connection to it as soon as I heard it. "How I Trust" resonated with me because there is no love like the love of Jesus, and it's so sweet how we're able to put our trust in Him in every season of life.  When it came time to pick songs for the album, my friends knew that I had a deep connection with the song and offered it to me for the album. 

Q:  I believe this album will also be available in Spanish.  Tell us about your bilingual ministry, especially your ministry among the Spanish speaking people.

Yes! It's available in Spanish. I wanted to be able to share this album with as many people as possible so when the opportunity came to record in Spanish I was thrilled.  

Q:  You also mentioned that you and your husband put on the best Christmas party! What does a Christmas party at the Levins look like?

If my husband could be Santa he would!  He organizes everything down to what the theme of the party is, and I help bring his awesome ideas to life! Every year there is a different dress code for our Christmas party, last year it was matching Christmas jammies, and this year it's a fancy dress code. There are games to be played and prizes to be won! One of our favorite games we play each year is Pictionary, girls against guys....we're pretty competitive, haha! We love making lifelong memories with our closest friends each year.



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