Whosoever South Takes Us Along the "Backroads" Behind the Making of their New album

Whosoever South

Whosoever South, the pioneers of Country Crunk, returns October 3rd with their third studio album, Backroads & Small Towns (Pit Bull Productions). Produced by Rowdy Eunice, Asaf Fulks, Poetics, and Dirty Rice, the new album includes a guest appearance by 6-time Dove Award winner, KJ-52. 

Whosoever South continues to create a sound all their own, mixing traditional hip-hop with a country flare reminiscent of their deep Georgia southern roots. Comprised of Rowdy Eunice, Sarah Eunice and Mike Mitchell, Whosoever South' first emerged in 2013 with their national debut album, Goin' Home. An immediate hit, the group has been breaking down barriers ever since.

Q:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  It has been sometime since the release of your debut album "Come On In." Tell us some of the exciting things that have happened between then and now?

Our debut album "Goin' Home",  followed by "Come On In" were some of our earlier releases, since then, we have been busy with life! Family, working, and growing! There is a lot more to music, than just what you hear. Sometimes you just have to live a little, & then write about it.

Q:  You have a brand new album coming out.  If you could sum up the message of Backroads & Small Towns, what would it be? 

Faith, Family, & Fun

Q:  With both your albums, you have had a very unique sound.  How would you describe your sound?

Our music doesn't really fit into any one certain genre, so I guess we just identify as non-genre. Kidding.... We aren't really trying to fit in. We just make a joyful noise..We enjoy so many different types of, hip hop, bluegrass, & soul, among others. Our sound is a combination of life and living.

Q:  Did you approach the making of this new record any differently from your debut album? 

We approached the making of this new album differently in some ways from our previous albums by shifting from what the industry wants you to do, to what we want to do, and what folks might need to hear.

Q:  Who are some of the musicians and producers who have had worked with you on this new record?

Long time friend and Producer Asaf Fulks has worked on every track on this album, as well as collaborating with Grammy Award winning Producer Dirty Rice, and up and coming Producer Poetics. Asaf is also featured on one of the songs, and a guest feature by  Dove award winner KJ-52.

Q:  "Georgia" the album's lead single has garnered lots of streams.  What's the song about?  And why are you excited about it?

The "Georgia" song is about our home state, the way we live, and what we love. We are excited about this song because it has reached so many who can relate to loving country life.

Q:  You also have a new song that have just been released.  Tell us more about "Til the Day I Die."

"Til the Day I Die" is about standing up for what's right, and what you believe in, keeping your word, pressing on, & trusting the Lord. A few things some folks may not have heard about.

Q:  Your Christian faith has also been very important to you.  How do you try to communicate your faith through your music?

Our faith is very important to us. Having faith is how we've made it this far, and it's how we will continue. The music we make is from our lives, that faith is part of our lives. Our music just reflects some of our experiences in life..hard times & good times. We hope it reaches out to some folks. A candle doesn't lose anything by another candle being lit from it. It just makes more light. In a dark world, we all need this.



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