Q & A with Random Hero: "We Pray God Would Spread Our New Songs like Wildfires Across the World"

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Christian rock hitmakers and fan favorites Random Hero are set to drop Tension, their highly anticipated RockFest Records debut, August 23. Produced by Memphis May Fire's Kellen McGregor,  Tension  is the band's most melodic, hook-laden release to date, providing a musical foundation squarely focused on elevating Random Hero's urgent message of Hope and healing.  

Featuring 10 songs written by Random Hero, including six co-penned with McGregor and four tracks co-written by Disciple's Josiah Prince, the project's title-cut and forthcoming debut single serves as the album's thematic cornerstone. "Tension," a deeply personal song chronicling a season of change and growth for the band, offers encouragement for listeners navigating life's unavoidable obstacles.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourselves: who is Random Hero?  And why do you call yourselves Random Hero?

We are Aaron Watkins (vocals), Patrick Madsen (drums) and Rob "Los" McDonough (bass). Our name is all about showing the love of Jesus to others. Being a "random hero" means doing simple things like smiling, or opening a door, or buying someone a meal or coffee-those little things can change a person's life. We always want to encourage others to show grace and love, because you never really know what someone is going through.

Q:  You have recently signed with Seventh Day Slumber's Joseph Rojas's Rockfest Records. How did the deal come about?

We're so blessed to have such a great label and team in RockFest Records. We always told Joseph if and when he started a label, we'd be in. He called me one day, seemingly out of the blue, to tell me he was starting RockFest and that he'd like to sign us. I took it to our team, and we all prayed and talked about it. We've been friends with Joseph for several years and have very open and honest conversations, so everything really felt right. It's honestly been one of best decisions for us-having a label and a team that believes in us and wants the absolute best for us as artists is huge. It's also been incredible to watch the label grow!

Q:  You have a new album coming out. Did you approach the making of this record any differently from your previous releases?

Our new record is called Tension and we are so incredibly excited for this release! We took an entirely different approach to writing this record. Joseph challenged us to grow beyond what we've done in the past. So, Patrick, Rob and I went to Nashville and did co-writes with our producer Kellen McGregor (Memphis May Fire) and Josiah Prince (Disciple). Those two guys are going to be legends, mark my words. Each writing session was an organic team effort, everyone was firing on all cylinders and bringing new ideas to the table. We started each session with the smallest idea that just blossomed into something incredible. Both Kellen and Josiah knew exactly how to push us out of our comfort zones and into uncharted territory.

Q:  You have also co-written four songs with Disciple's Josiah Prince.  What was it like writing with him?  Out of the four songs written with Josiah, do you have a favorite?  

Co-writing with both Kellen McGregor and Josiah Prince was incredible! They're both so talented and have an ability to hear the bigger picture within the smallest of idea of what a song can be. They brought out the most intricate ideas in us, and there were so many times I was left in shock at what we had written together. 

I love all these songs, but I'd have to say right now Tension" is my favorite that we wrote with Josiah. It has that certain something you always want to capture as a songwriter, and to have Josiah be just as excited as we were about it meant the world to us!

Q:  Let's talk about a few of the songs on the new album.  I believe the new single is the title track "Tension."  What's the song about and why are you excited about it?

"Tension" is about just that-tension. We've all felt it. Tension can consume you in the worst way, or you can face it and grow in the best way. The song is about overcoming tension and knowing it's okay to wrestle with the tension life brings. It also explores new territory for us musically, and I think many people will resonate with the lyrics. They come from a place of honesty, of dealing with the inner tensions we all have to face.

Q:  One of the songs I really like on the record is "So Close."  What's the story behind this song?

I love that song so much. "So Close" is about finding the love of your life. There is always an amazing story when God brings two people together from different backgrounds and they end up spending their lives together. We're all married so we definitely wanted to show love to our wives through this song, because each of them has sacrificed so much for us to do what we do.

Q:  Another song that strikes a chord is "Outgrown." Tell us more about the song and what it means to you. 

"Outgrown" is also very special to us. It's about the love we have for our children, from both a parent's perspective and God's perspective. It's an incredible thing to watch your children grow up, just as God also watches us grow up. It's a constant reminder of the unconditional love we have for our children and even more so, the love God has for us.

Q:  Is there a song on the new record that you think is a must-hear?  If so, why?

That's a great question! Can I say a=ll of them?! I think this record really has something for everyone. But if I had to nail down one, "Motivation" is a favorite. It's got a fun rock/gospel fusion to it. I think it really turned out well. 

Q:  What's your hope for this new music?  How do you wish these songs would impact the lives of your listeners?

One of my hopes and prayers for the new record is that God would spread it like wildfire across the world and expand our territory and His. I pray the Holy Spirit would truly move with each note and lyric and impact the lives and hearts of those who hear it.  


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