Musica Monica Feaster Releases 'The Lord Is My Shepherd' Remix

Musica Monica Feaster

Introducing, Musica Monica Feaster, a multi-talented artist who writes, sings and possesses a unique rare talent within the music industry as a young female artist, and that is, she produces her own original music! Among music producers worldwide only 2% are females of which Ms. Feaster is a member. 

Her genre of choice is Gospel with a specialty in urban beats. Ms. Feaster is a well-seasoned artist who was originally born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and later moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. From the city of Philly to the shores of Hawaii, she has been involved in the music industry since a very young age. 

Her past music releases can be found on streaming sites and online digital stores. Her singles include her original Gospel songs such as, 'I Cover My Head', 'Watching and Ready', and 'The Lord Is My Shepherd'. 
Her newest release is a remixed version of her past single 'The Lord Is My Shepherd'; and this new remix is available now. This new remixed version has been described as a Gospel song with a fierce rhythmic type of vibe. The single pays homage to Psalms 23 (KJV Christian Bible verse) with its sing-along lyrics while its sound gives reference to the Urban Culture generation.




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