Tori Harper on Revival: "Revival Starts When We Choose to Grow in our Faith"

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Franklin, TN-based singer/songwriter Tori Harper has released her new single "Revival" to digital retailers and streaming outlets globally through The Fuel Music at the link,

Produced by Colby Wedgeworth (Jordan Feliz, Mandisa, Danny Gokey) and co-written with Wedgeworth and Cindy Morgan, "Revival" is already being heard in retail stores, debuting at No. 5 on All Access' What's In Store Music Currents chart. Receiving an amazing 82,651 plays last week, the song had more plays than current singles by Train, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Avril Lavigne and more well-known artists.

Taking her message of "Revival" and music from her acclaimed debut EP, Seasons, on tour, Harper continues the Revive Tour with JJ Weeks and Jason Fowler May 3. 

We are honored to be able to catch up with Tori Harper for this exclusive interview.

Q:  Tori, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on your new single "Revival."  How do you define revival?

Thank you! Revival is the passion that God ignites in your heart when the revelation of what He's done for you is realized. It starts with you and spreads all over a city, a country, or a generation!

Q:  How do you think revival starts?

Revival starts when we choose to grow in our faith, when we choose to pray and fast, and not hide our passion for God! When the fire in our hearts is on display, it can be passed on and ignite the fire in someone else's life!

Q:  You have also been very influenced by Dave Clayton's "Revival Starts Here."  Who is Dave Clayton?

Dave Clayton is a pastor at Ethos church here in Nashville. He led a movement that organized over 400 churches in Nashville to pray for every single person in our city for a whole month. I found his book "Revival Starts Here" very inspiring, and I love that God orchestrated the timing of my song release and his book release to happen so closely!

Q:  What are some of the gems you have gleaned from this book?

This book shows practical steps to bringing about revival, it's no longer a concept but movement that we can be a part of! This book really opened my eyes to the importance of prayer and fasting!

Q:  How are you and Pastor Clayton trying to help people understand more about revival?

God has put the vision of revival on my heart and on the hearts of many around me. My song is meant to be an echo of our heart cry! "I wanna be brave, I wanna be bold, I wanna be proof..." - it's how you feel when you've had a taste of what's to come and you haven't seen the full picture yet, you just know that you want it. Dave's book is like the next step; now that we desire and anticipate revival, what can we do to help bring it about? Dave's book answers this question.

Q:  What can we as individuals do to bring about revival? 

Prayer is very powerful! Prayer, and not holding back, not hiding your love for Jesus are key parts of revival. We must be vigilant to surrender our day to the Lord, even if we have to do it a thousand times over, if we listen for his voice, His heart is always that the lost would find him, and His plans will always promote people getting saved, healed, and set free! If we keep our ears open and our hearts ready for what God wants, revival will surely follow!

Q:  Speaking of the role of prayer in revival, what's the role of prayer in your own life?

Prayer is very important to me; it's like my lifeline. I couldn't get through this life without it! I almost always find myself wishing I prayed more- because there's never enough! There's never "too much praying!" If I don't pray, my whole day is off: when I do pray, I know that I'm never alone, and no matter what happens God is right there and I can talk to Him about it!





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