Death Therapy to Release "Voices" on April 12th

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Death Therapy is set to release Voices on April 12th. Pre-orders are available on the Solid State Records website with packages that include things like the vinyl and a long sleeve shirt.

Check out "My Defiance" below and get a taste of what is to come.

Track List:

1. The Vice of Voices
2. My Defiance (feat. Josh Kincheloe of Glasslands)
3. Feels Like Fiction (feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet)
4. The Reckoning
5. The Instability of Proto Man
6. It's Okay (feat. Matt Baird of Spoken)
7. Resist the Eclipse
8. Darkening Counsel Part I: Overture
9. Darkening Counsel Part II: Inquisition 

Jason Wisdom wants to create something that's missing. His band, Death Therapy, is a two-man metal band that has no real genre. It's groovy, industrial, and it has zero guitar. He's on the right track.

Before Death Therapy, Wisdom was the lead singer and bassist for the metal core band Becoming The Archetype. Twelve years, four records, and countless tours later, he took a step back to care for his family. 
He didn't touch an instrument for nearly four years. Now he's back, bass in hand, and he's doing it his way.

Pre-order Voices here

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