Julien Baker Drops "Turn Out the Lights" Album; Lesbian Singer Opens Up About Christian Family, Parents' Acceptance

Julien Baker
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Singer-guitarist Julian Baker is opening up about the songs on her new album, many of which were inspired by anthems she heard when she was growing up. Her latest album, “Turn Out the Lights,” is being dropped this October 27.

"Many of my songs just come together in quatrains because that's how a hymn goes," the Tennessee musician told The New York Times.

"Another thing that I love about hymns is that despite being antiquated modes of worship — maybe — they contain these really emotive phrases. All of my favorite hymns are admissions of faults, and finding redemption even in those,” she explained.

Baker revealed how she was raised in a religious home, "soaking up evangelical doctrine" and actively taking part in church music, as reported by the New York Times. It was further noted that, by 17, the alternative rock-folk singer came out as gay. While she expected “the worst” from her parents, her father read through the Bible to find verses about love and acceptance.

In an interview with noisey, Baker recalled thinking to herself that she was going to hell, but her father told she was not while her mother assured her of God’s love for her.

Opening up to Westword about her Christian faith, Baker said that the way she was raised in their household taught her many things about God’s grace and ability to deliver people from sins.

"But God also made us, is a perfect creator, and calls us beloved. It took a lot of getting over evangelical theology to say, 'No, I have worth.' My mistakes can be useful, I don't have to be penalized for being an imperfect flesh human being. My journey to accepting parts of myself that I thought were ugly influenced my record and writing for the future," the “Everybody Does” singer explained.

Baker had already been versed in alternative rock and indie folk by the time her “Sprained Ankle” album was released in 2015, as pointed out by W Magazine. However, she did not quite expect the attention and fame she gained after touring the United States and Europe. Also a member of the band Forrister, Baker opened for other music acts such as Death Cab for Cutie and Paramore while becoming a headlining performer herself.

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