Former Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Believes God Has Bigger Plans After Miscarriage

Shawn Johnson-East
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Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson has turned to God for solace and comfort following her miscarriage.

On a Facebook Live video, she and her husband Andrew East opened up to their followers about their miscarriage and how they have been dealing with the tragic circumstances. According to Johnson, she and her NFL free agent husband have taken to prayers after losing their first child.

"We know everything happens for a reason," Johnson said. "We believe God's got a bigger plan for us. All we can do is be positive, otherwise we just sink into a hole."

In a 20-minute video posted to her YouTube page, the 25-year-old gymnast shared her reaction to a pregnancy test that yielded a positive result. She also shared her husband’s reaction as well as the conditions in her doctor’s appointment where she and East learned about the miscarriage.

While Johnson originally planned to document her pregnancy and keep these memories as an unforgettable journey to motherhood, she eventually chose to reveal to the public as to what happened with their first child.

“It’s not the happiest video, but we feel like a lot of people go through this, so we wanted to share it,” Johnson says, with East adding: “Know you’re not the only one going through whatever you’re going through.”

The Des Moines native shares her initial reaction to having positive results on her home pregnancy tests. She tells the camera that this first step to motherhood is “really exciting” despite being unplanned. However, after sharing the news, Johnson tells viewers that she began feeling sick due to stomach pains and profuse bleeding.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant then receives the news from her doctor, who tells her that she is not to blame because she “didn’t do anything” and that her daily routine did not necessarily cause her to lose the baby.

“This was caused probably because chromosomally, it wasn’t normal, okay?” the doctor tells the 2008 Olympic balance beam gold medalist. “So there’s no blaming each other.”

Nevertheless, Johnson and her husband believes it is of great importance to share their struggles to help others who may go through similar things in life.

"This is by far the hardest video we've ever posted but we felt as though it was a story that needed to be shared as so many struggle with the same thing," Johnson posted on Instagram. She also previously opened up about her relationship with God, which she values the most in her life. Looking back on her triumphant Olympic career, Johnson said her Christian values, beliefs, and faith are crucial to her way of living.

"God is the answer to everything, and Jesus sacrificed everything on the cross…," Johnson shared to "I Am Second." "He will always be my greatest reward and my proudest reward."

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