‘Fast & Furious’ Star Tyrese Gibson on Mother’s Alcohol Problems: “My Prayers for Clarity Have Been Answered”

'Fast and Furious' franchise star Tyrese and his mother
(Photo : Tyrese / Instagram)

Tyrese Gibson has opened up about his prayers for clarity having been answered, particularly in terms of his mother’s longtime struggle with alcoholism.

The “Fast & Furious” franchise star presented a gift to his mother- a new house- in celebration of her 11th year of sobriety on Wednesday. A day later, Tyrese took to Instagram and shared a photo of his mother, saying that he now understands how substance abuse affected their mother-son relationship while he was growing up.

"My mother introduced me to the Lord my mother showed me what love is, she's also the only one who has ever broken my heart so I thought....... It's very easy to THINK of your parents as the actual problem because of what THEY're saying and doing while drinking or using drugs........," the R&B singer wrote on Instagram.

"My prayers for clarity has been answered... That was NEVER my mother who said and did those things...,” he added.

Tyrese also acknowledged Jesus for bringing his mother back to becoming a “sweet” and “giving” person once more.

"The mother that I know that raised me before the drinking started was always in church, always sweet to everyone, always giving, and in most cases giving to those who in my opinion didn't deserve it...... So blessed to know that this same JESUS brought me my mother back," he wrote.

The Los Angeles native further emphasized that the hurtful memories have been slowly fading, telling the world that he forgives his mother for the past circumstances.

Earlier this year, Tyrese made a special appearance on the 100th episode of Pastor Creflo Dollar's show, "Your World.” He was featured with his wife Samantha Lee Gibson, revealing how he dealt with and triumphed over a flawed childhood.

"I really could not explain the mental emotional physical psychological abuse that had took place in my house. My mother was an alcoholic for 27 years, my father was an alcoholic and crackhead," Tyrese admitted to the talk show host. "There was something inside of me that I felt greater than my circumstances."

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