'The Stray' Premiere: Director Mitch Davis Says Dogs Are Guardian Angels From God

'The Stray'
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Inspired by true events, the upcoming movie “The Stray,” touches on the story of Pluto, a stray dog. He joins the Davis family at a time when they needed a miracle most.

Directed by Mitch Davis, the movie teaches its viewers meaningful lessons centered on God and his unconditional love for us. As explained by the director himself, God sometimes sends guardian angels in the form of dogs to protect families who are in great need of being saved.

In “The Stray" movie, “Argo” actor Michael Cassidy plays a career-driven father who does not have time for his wife and kids, thus viewed an outsider while the family is being raised. On the other hand, his wife, played by “Chuck” actress Sarah Lancaster, strives to pull herself together to be able to raise their three young children.

In a short time, a stray dog named Pluto comes wandering to the Davis family, who question whether they really need another member in the clan amidst the current circumstances. Contrary to their expectations, Pluto the “Wonderdog” proves himself more useful than ever by saving a lost toddler, becoming a good companion to a 9-year-old boy, brings warmth to a failing marriage, and strengthens a father-son relationship.

Pluto is then deemed as not only a guard dog but a guardian angel, indeed.

"Dogs perform that function of unconditionally loving us, which is really what the Lord does," Davis said in an interview with The Gospel Herald. "He unconditionally loves us and is there for us and forgives us, and I think dogs do much the same thing. There's something very Christ-like about that story."

The director also believes that Pluto’s love for the family can be likened to God’s unconditional love- loyal and enduring.

"Families are where it's at, God loves all of us, and He'll send us help when and if we ask for it. And, angels come in many forms,” Davis added when asked about what he aims for the audience to understand from the movie.

“The Stray” is set for an official premiere in select theaters on October 6 in the U.S.

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