Jay-Z Inspires In Poetic New 'Dream. On.' Video

Jay-Z and Beyonce
(Photo : Beyonce's Official Instagram)

You don't have to officially be a fan of Jay-Z to appreciate how parenthood has changed him. Chasing after five-year-old Blue Ivy and then welcoming twins earlier this summer with wife, Beyonce, has left the rapper deep in the trenches of parenthood. Instead of rapping about chicks, cash and cars, he has instead turned his focus towards inspiring those listening to do better. Maybe more importantly, he has used his credible and personal rags-to-riches story to encourage listeners as only someone that has been there can. Jay-Z's new spoken word poem, "Dream. On." couldn't get any more real if he wanted it to.

Visual expression has been a great tool for the rapper in recent years and the clip for "Dream. On." doesn't disappoint. The visuals are of an old run down project apartment that reeks of struggle and poverty. Mixed in with partially eaten food and battered furniture you see the headphones, vinyl albums and written lyrics that likely helped Jay to survive.

The lyrics are just as stark and memorable. "I'm from where dreaming ain't allowed," says Jay. "Especially when you dreaming aloud. Enough to dream your self-esteem into clouds." The words are delivered with a subtle punch and the visuals allow you to actually get a feel for where he has come from. His success truly is the result of equal parts ambition, dedication and hard work. The take away is that Jay-Z wants the next generation to understand that they can change their life situation for the better too. The way out starts with the drive and determination to want to find it.

The minute-and-a-half long video clip was brought to life with the help of Budweiser and you can check it out for yourself below!



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