Passion 2013 Donates Over $3 Million to Fight Human Trafficking

ATLANTA – The Passion 2013 conference, a four-day gathering of 60,000 university students, wrapped up last Friday with attendees donating over $3 million to fund the freedom fight for the 27 million human slaves currently trapped in the trenches of captivity.

Passion founder Louie Giglio and his wife, Shelley, shared an update on the "End It Movement" initiative to stop modern-day slavery and they expressed amazement at the students' generosity. "You guys are absolutely crazy people," Giglio said. "I don't know who counted you out, but they really underestimated the power of your generation."

In his closing message Friday morning, Giglio issued a charge for students to "live for Jesus and free the captive," exhorting them to take what happened in their hearts and inside the walls of the Georgia Dome and carry it into the world. "You would have to be clueless and utterly blind not to realize that this is all about Jesus," said Giglio. "Let our lives explode today for Jesus' sake."

Reaffirming his commitment to student ministry, the 54-year-old pastor of Passion City Church declared, "There is nothing in my schedule in the coming years – nothing in our lives – that will eclipse being a door-holder for your generation."

Giglio revisited the scripture passages from his opening talk, Ezekiel 36-37, and emphasized the importance of depending on the Holy Spirit's power when seeking to carry out one's God-given calling. "In our journey with God, He is always bringing us to a point where we stand on our feet and in His power," he said to what was the largest single Passion gathering in the movement's 18-year history. "There is no disconnect, no divide between God breathing us to life and launching us into mission. The moment God breathed life into you, you became a missionary, a representative, an ambassador, part of this army."


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