Future Of Forestry New Album 'PIANO & STRINGS SESSIONS' Releasing March 18

Future of Forestry
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Future Of Forestry New Album 'PIANO & STRINGS SESSIONS' Releasing March 18


Eric Owyoung, who is synonymous with Future of Forestry, has been an innovator in the music space.  Since the band's inception, he has pushed the musical envelope, creating emotionally driven music with deep cinematic orchestration and unique instrumentation.  Now with PIANO & STRINGS SESSIONS, Future of Forestry recreates seven of his most popular songs with the simplicity of only vocals, piano and strings.

Owyoung states, "I've been touring and recording rock music as Future of Forestry for almost 10 years now. And after all these years of exploring that genre, I decided do something different. I wanted to let my classical background come to the forefront while creating something unique to  what's already being done in the market. I decided to introduce this new season by rearranging some Forestry songs with classical instruments. No drums, no bass, no guitars, just a piano, 2 violins, a cello, and my voice. Part of my idea to start making this album was also to challenge my keyboard skills and to get more familiar with the piano. I am usually on guitar in concert, so being at the piano for an entire album or concert is a new challenge for me."

Created at Owyoung's Sound Swan Studio in San Diego, Owyoung fully took the reins of the project, producing, writing, performing all of the vocal and piano parts, and even penning the string arrangements. 

The seven songs for the EP were chosen from each of the past Future of Forestry albums, and include "You" (from Young Man Follow), "Slow Your Breath Down" (from Travel II), "As It Was" (from Young Man Follow), "Horizon Rainfall" (from Travel III), "All I Want" (from Twilight), "Halleluiah" (from Travel) and "Travelers Song" (from Travel).  PIANO & STRINGS SESSIONS breathes new life into these favorite songs, showcasing the poetic lyrics and intricate melodies and harmonies that set Future of Forestry apart from the crowd.

Owyoung continues, "Something very unique came out of this experiment, something very special. I know this music will be a new experience for listeners and I hope you are moved by it."

PIANO & STRINGS SESSONS will release March 18, through iTunes, Amazon mp3 and through his official website HERE



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