Apple Watch Release Date: iWatch to be Released Early Next Year; Here's WatchKit to Keep Apple Fans Busy

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Apple Watch Release Date: iWatch to be Released Early Next Year; Here's WatchKit to Keep Apple Fans Busy

Apple jumped into the bandwagon of smart watches and will give Samsung, Fitbit and other developers of smart watches some competition. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said last September that they will launch new products for the last quarter of the year and early next year, and Apple Watch is one of them.

Know Your Mobile reported that Apple Watch is not really just one product, as you've got two sizes, three styles, and a multitude of other options to choose from. There's a wide range of combinations you can create to make sure your iWatch fits you and your style, as well as your wrist.

Apple has created what it calls a Digital Crown, a spinning dial on the side of the watch that you spin to zoom in and out of apps or rotate down through apps. This method of interaction ensures the display is never covered, meaning you can always see what's being displayed on its screen - even when moving around the UX. The screen does still support touch input, however, it has "force sensitivity" so it can tell how hard you're pressing the screen. With this kind of feature, this can only mean that it can perform different functions with different levels of pressure on the display.

In the meantime, while waiting for iWatch, Apple avid users can buy the WatchKit. Christian Post cited that the WatchKit will enable developers to get the tools they need to make apps for the Apple Watch. It will be released next month as what Tim Cook announced in a press conference earlier this month.

The early release of the SDK will definitely give developers so much time to create apps which will give those who are waiting for the Apple Watch something to really look forward to, as the smart watch has been delayed for an early 2015 release.

But It looks like the Apple Watch, previously dubbed the iWatch by the press, may face a setback when it comes to the release date, Classicalite said. Following the release of the device's specs, Apple has faced a wave of scrutiny.

But pretty sure Apple fans cannot wait to wear that watch on their wrist and use it.

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