'Transformers 5': the Upcoming Fifth Installment of the Multi-Million-Dollar Blockbuster Franchise is Certain to Rule and Surpass Unprecedented Heights of Fame

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'Transformers 5': the Upcoming Fifth Installment of the Multi-Million-Dollar Blockbuster Franchise is Certain to Rule and Surpass Unprecedented Heights of Fame 

Has it ever entered into your imagination that one day, probably in the not-too-distant future, there will be robots intelligent enough to not only outwit you, but to also lord over you? When you were still a child, when you were just a five-year-old kid, did you ever entertain the idea that the toy robots you were playing with could act like living beings to amaze you with their supernatural capabilities?

While I can't answer for you, I, for one, would never have fantasized to such a far-fetched extent—that is, until sci-fi movies came barging into the movie theaters. And when it comes to robots, the sci-fi movie franchise known as the "Transformers" was undoubtedly the game-changer. The rest is history, as Bay's blockbuster adaptation toppled our notion of what is possible in the realm of cinema, high technology and robotics.

Internet Movie Database (IMdb) has disclosed to the entertainment media that the fifth installment of the movie franchise may be a far departure from the previous "Transformers" blockbusters. But why?

Well, it might be to do with the speculation that suggests that Michael Bay may not be sitting in the director's chair for the first time in the series. However, Peter Cullen, who is the voice talent behind Optimus Prime, does not yet buy the idea of Bay's absence from the rumor mill. Cullen believes that a change of heart from Bay is still very much possible at this stage.

It is possible that Bay, a very hands-on and pragmatic director, may be veering toward a different direction as far as movie-directing is concerned. If you want to know what spoiler news is all about, then this is exactly it! Even though the official announcement has not yet been finalized, we are making it public that a new, perhaps unheralded, director may fill the big shoes of one of the most exciting and energetic directors that has ever graced the movie world.

Cinema Blend calls Bay the cinematic King Midas. Rightly so, since every movie project he has directed or become involved in thus far becomes a resounding success. By itself, the name "Michael Bay" is a leading brand in the movie business.

Furthermore, IGN news has confirmed that Bay has decided to change course in his filmmaking career. The celebrity director has already confirmed that he will undertake a drama movie, tentatively titled "13 Hours," which is about the Bhengazi fiasco and is based on a novel by Mitchell Zuckoff. Nevertheless, Cullen may still be proven correct, and the fifth installment of the "Transformer" movie franchise is still going to be an epic blockbuster, whether or not the cinematic King Midas is around, which Transformer World has also affirmed.

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