Windows 9 Release Date Microsoft: Rumors and Expectations

Windows 9 Release Date Microsoft

Windows 9 Release Date Microsoft: Rumors And Expectations

The way technology is moving forward today is just a glimpse of what we are going to witness in the coming years. Companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have revolutionized the ways of technology and now users await every single update with excitement and enthusiasm.

While each of these popular brands is busy launching important updates, Microsoft is somewhat lagging with its last operating system Windows 8 launched a couple of years ago. Looking at the market, recently Microsoft also decided its new operating system to stand against the OS X Yosemite released by Apple few days back. Microsoft reportedly ditched Windows 9 name and rather chose Windows 10 as the operating system successor.

Now, the important question is when will this new Windows platform roll out? Although after the announcement many users thought that they will be able to update the system in a couple of months, tech experts believe that Microsoft is still in the initial stages of development. What happened is that they just wanted to tell people that Microsoft is not of the competition and really working hard to compete against Apple in OS business. However, this news has disappointed lot users across the world.

If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is still in early stages of development and it will take over a year to finally release Windows 10. Engineers are in fact still working on user interface and new additions. The only thing that's certain for now is that this new operating system will be based on Windows 7's concept.

According to Forbes, Windows 10 will be launched in basic home version for around $100, which is what you have to pay now for 8. Prices for previous versions will fall atomically after the release.

In terms of features, Microsoft is certain to include new platform that allows users to control many devices from the desktop. According to some of the leaked images and rumors, new search options will be introduced along with file history details in properties tab. Apart from that, Windows' loved Cortana will also debut in this upcoming operating system aiding in virtual desktop control.     




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