Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date in USA: Leaked Updates and Pictures

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date in USA

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date in USA:  Leaked Updates and Pictures

It seems that every other technology giant is bust developing the course of future with something different. Where Apple has placed it chips on Pay and NFC tech, Microsoft is bust working on a new smartwatch and operating system that connects everything from tablet to desktop of a user.

A couple of months back Microsoft came up with an official announcement of their new operating system that will be called Windows 10, but CEO Satya Nadella did not confirm any date for the release. And now with the online universe flooded with queries on when this new OS will be available for purchase, tech experts believe that users will have to wait until late 2015.

If Microsoft isn't in position to launch Windows 10 in the next months, why has it hurried into announcing the update? It is believed that the company doesn't want to play down and be a sitting duck in times when everyone, especially Apple has worked on some innovate ideas. OS X Yosemite was announced earlier this year and now Apple has already launched it for Mac users across the world. Similarly, Microsoft had to communicate about what's being worked on.

Most probably this new Microsoft operating system will come out by October or November next year after testing phase is complete. Build on a system similar to Windows 7, this new platform will help users connect and control all their devices. Cortana is thought to be an important addition in the all new Windows 10 that will support voice recognition like smartphones. Keyboard shortcuts will also prove to be critical with a virtual desktop theme.

Search options and file history are two of the other expected improvisation in Windows 10 that is being worked upon. These options will help with better control over edit history for a particular document.  

Talking of the price, this new operating system from Microsoft will be available at the current price of Windows 8, which is $100 for the basic home version. At the time of release, the company will most likely drop the price for all previous Windows versions available in the market.         



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