Apple Pay and Google Wallet to Shut Down Due to CVS and RiteAId Stores Disabling NFC

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Apple Pay and Google Wallet to Shut Down Due to CVS and RiteAId Stores Disabling NFC

Recently, two high-tech conglomerates, Apple Inc., and Google Inc. have leveraged their technological prowess by launching mobile payments systems, aptly christened as Apple Pay and Google Wallet and designed to give unprecedented convenience to consumers worldwide. As expected, its product launchings have been an absolute success in the consumer market. However, not all business enterprises have expressed support to these high-tech innovative services, despite the advantages they themselves can gain from these tech-developments.

One of them is pharmacy chain Rite Aid, who has disconnected their business link to those new innovative services. These developments created some sort of backlash from consumer groups who have achieved remarkable success in trying out this new payment approaches interconnected through its so-called near field communications (NFC) payment terminals all over the continental USA.

According to Mac Rumors, not only Rite Aid was the pharmacy chain who has opted to refrain from using such state-of-the-art system but also another pharmacy chain, CVS chain stores, notwithstanding the unparalleled advantage it gives to its ever-expanding customer base. These developments are deliberately designed to impede the progress of the Apple Pay. These moves will certainly affect the success of its arch-counterpart, Google Wallet.

These strategic moves of pharmacy chains, Rite-Aid and CVS, have some direct connection with their involvements in a similar mobile payment known as Current C. This innovative payment system is being developed and purportedly to be launched by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), Techno Buffalo reports.

This innovative payment system, Current C, is supported by a leading web-based enterprise, SlashGear that covers technology news on smart phones and other high-tech gadgets. The web-based news media informs finance managers that Apple Pay is not supported by these chain stores. A much better alternative, MCX solution will be available early next year to serve the same functionalities and consumer convenience, as reported by this leading web-based media.

However, all is not lost for the Apple Pay as it has found a staunch ally, Walgreens, one of the fiercest rivals of the two pharmacy chains, Rite-Aid and CVS stores, who have some ulterior motives for having deliberately distanced themselves from Apple Pay and indirectly affecting Google Wallet as well.

With its over 8,000 chain stores around USA, Walgreens has become one of the most popular testing centers for those who are subscribing to the innovative mobile payment services being launched by Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

At the end of the day, all these business maneuverings and jockeying for corporate power boil down to the competitive spirit being espoused by corporate America. After all, Wall Street will not be regarded as the hub of business power worldwide if not for the fierce competition between corporate giants dislodging each other in the name of corporate power.

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