PlayStation Plus November 2014 Free Games List: One Game Confirmed, New Feature Added After Update

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PlayStation Plus November 2014 Free Games List: One Game Confirmed, New Feature Added After Update

It is still a few days away before PlayStation Plus changes its free games into new ones. For players who haven't download yet, the November 2014 free games list is definitely is going to be an exciting one. In addition, you have to remember that November is the Sony's special month. That is why there is a great chance that gamers would acquire better or more games.

The list of free games of PlayStation Plus for November 2014 is still a blur at this moment. But, there is one game, which looks like it is confirmed to be in the free games list and this is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The game was produced by Nicalis Inc.

In the official blog of PlayStation, Tyrone Rodriguez described the game as the one that combines the elements of Smash TV and The Legend of Zelda yet with a rogue-like genre. Literally, the game features tons of weapons, power-ups, and items all wrapped-up to offer players an exceptional arcade-like experience. Rodriguez also added that today is the time for players to enjoy the weirdest thing he have ever made.

Christian Today reported that while there are still no confirmations yet from the Japanese giant, which is quite normal because releasing the list is the confirmation's only sigh, there is a good reason why this game is said to be part of the November 2014 free games list for PlayStation Plus.

Daily Game also said that the game is actually set for release on November 4 on PS Vita and PS4, which will actually coincides with game list's release.

Moreover, since it is November and the Japanese giant is celebrating the birth of PlayStation Plus, there might only be three free games available. Sony might also take advantage of the celebration to make it up to subscribers who experienced the buggy release of the DriveClub.

For the meantime, while players are waiting for the free games list, Christian Post reported that there is a new feature added to the system after update. The new feature is called Add to Library, which lets users to add games on their own library without the need to download.


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