Dracula Untold' Review: Unable to Deliver Anything Distinctive in Its Execution, the Film Ends up without an Identity of Its Own

Dracula untold

Dracula Untold' Review: Unable to Deliver Anything Distinctive in Its Execution, the Film Ends up without an Identity of Its Own 

Just over a week on the big screen and the newest Vampire film is already receiving criticisms under the eye of our movie critics. Despite the unfavorable reviews, movie fans seem to like the film.


In "Dracula Untold," Dracula, the ancient vampire, tells the world his own side of the story: how a noble Prince like him got into the blood-drinking business.

The film opens in mid-1400s in Transylvania, Vlad was still a young boy that was sent by his father to the Turkish Empire to be a tribute, together with other boys of his land. During his stay in the empire, they were trained to be ferocious soldiers and Vlad turned into a merciless, ruthless and ferocious soldier earning the title of Vlad the Impaler. Somehow, he escaped and returned to his home, since then he became the Prince Vlad III of Wallachia.

After 10 years, Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper) of the Ottoman Empire knocks on Wallachia and demand a tribute. The tribute -- handing over 1,000 boys, including his son Ingeras (Art Parkinson) to be trained as the Empire's soldiers, very much like his childhood days.

To save his family from the threat, he came into the dungeon where a supernatural creature lives and ask for the power to defend and defeat his enemies. Of course, like all movie adaptations, this has its own twist --- Vlad can return to his human form if and only if he can resist the urge to drink blood in 3 days.

As for what happened after he turned, let's leave it for now. Going back to what critics have been saying about the film.

Rediff rated the movie 1.5 stars out of five, clearly far from the passing score. They said, ""Dracula Untold" has a lot of potential, which remains largely unrealized due to a weak script and an even weaker direction. It tries to borrow from/pay tribute to too many sources of vampire fiction to be able to hold its own. The film ends up without an "identity of its own."

Philbertz Ortiz Dy of Click the City also expressed his disappointment about the film. "It's all just kind of boring. Even at a trim ninety-two minutes, the movie drags on, unable to deliver anything distinctive in its execution. The bloodless battles, which seem to mostly involve CGI bats knocking people over, get tedious pretty quickly....The film doesn't even try to find clever ways to suggest the horror."

The comments were indeed, quite blood draining. The movie production team should be focused on promoting the film to movie fans who does not care about movie reviews and just assess it based on their own observations.



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