Windows 10: The Latest Technical Preview with 7,000 Fixes

Windows 10 Release Date in USA

Windows 10: The Latest Technical Preview with 7,000 Fixes

Microsoft continuously provides updates and upgrades for their recently released Windows version, the Windows 10.

Last Oct. 21, Microsoft Windows released the first update of the Windows 10 Technical Preview that was initially released to the public earlier this month. In this version of their Technical Preview, users can manually use and install the latest Technical Update for their Windows 10.

According to CNET, the latest released update is Build 9860. In this update, they already included some new features; fixed some bugs and they already included nearly 7,000 improvements based on feedbacks they received in previously released Windows 10.

The Build 9860, first, has the Action Center, providing the users with commonly-used application settings, and second, the Notification Center, providing the users all the notifications they need for the changes in the OS and different applications. Microsoft reminds the users that they only included some basic notifications in this version of update for Windows 10. They also included the "Fast" setting in this update giving the users the bits as soon as they've passed the testing muster inside the Microsoft.

Also, according to an update from Brad Sams and Neowin, the new Technical Preview also has some support for some new animations for switching between virtual desktops.

If you remember, Microsoft released the first build of Windows 10 last Oct. 1. It was targeted to business customers who want to use Windows on Intel-based non-touch-first devices like traditional PCs. It has new features like the new and improved Start Menu, virtual desktops, Windows Store apps in windows on the desktop and more.

Microsoft is not yet giving the full version or build of their new Windows 10, because they still want it to be developed and improved through the additional feedbacks of the current users of Windows 10, which they will start conducting in the coming months.

Let's all expect that Microsoft will release an updated consumer technical preview by the first quarter of 2015, together with the first technical preview build of the combined Windows Phone and Windows RT OS, made to run Windows Phone and smaller tablets at the same time.

Meanwhile, Microsoft officials have said to expect new devices preloaded with Windows 10 to be available by summer 2015. There's more to come in the developing innovations of Microsoft, so we have to expect more from them.

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