‘The Mini Race’- Microsoft Surface Mini and Apple Ipad Mini 3

Ipad mini3 and Microsoft surface mini
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'The Mini Race'- Microsoft Surface Mini and Apple Ipad Mini3

Apple has been successful in building solid and structured tablets for the consumers, with their Ipad series and the Ipad mini series, priced lesser than the normal Ipad series.

Microsoft has been building tablets in the name of 'Microsoft Surface series' which has made sufficient fame in the market. However, Apple leads the race.

Ipad mini 3, which has entered the market during October, 2014, has a physical weight of 331g and an approximate dimension of 200×13.7×7.5mm, with a 7.0 inches multi-touch screen. Above this, it has a Oleo-phobic coating. Analysts at IHS iSuppli said that Microsoft was working on a tablet using Windows RT, and fitted with a 7.5 inches touch-screen. The Ipad mini 3 is powered by a iOS 8.1 operating system, built on a Apple A7 chipset, and a dual-core 1.3GHz processor.

Ipad mini 3 provides a 5MP primary camera and 1.2MP secondary camera. The internal storage varies with models as 16/64/128G, on a 1GB RAM. It does not provide for expansion of memory. According to GSMArena, it is supplemented b a non-removable Li-Po battery, having an approximate talk-time of up-to 10 hours. The Ipad mini 3 is priced starting from $399, stated by Apple Inc.

However, there are several cons in the new iPad mini 3. The A7 processor at the heart of the iPad Mini 3 isn't a very powerful chipset at all, and it's strange that Apple struck with the same thing as before. There are more health benefits and tracking (presumably, although this hasn't been confirmed) but it seems the internals are very similar, Tech Radar reported. The Apple iPad is the smaller iPad to buy if 64GB or greater storage is required. Otherwise the mini 2 is just as good- or if price is the consideration, 2012's iPad mini would be a good move (a 16GB version), The Guardian reported.

Since there is insufficient information about the new Microsoft Surface Mini, as it has not yet entered the market, it would not be feasible to make a head-on-head comparison and draw conclusions. However, Apple products have won a larger section of consumers, when compared to its other competitors.



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