'Grimm' Season 4 Premiere; CSI’s Louise Lombard To Join The Gang

The “Grimm” Season 4 Premiere; CSI’s Louise Lombard Will Join The Gang

The "Grimm" Season 4 Premiere; CSI's Louise Lombard To Join The Gang

NBC's hit  detective series the "Grimm" will premiere its fourth season this October, but as early as now, viewers are hankering already for spoilers on the next circumstances that will come Detective Nick Burkhardt.

In the exclusive clip of Zap2it,  "Grimm" Season Four premiere, Trubel got himself in serious trouble. After the previous season that featured a dramatic drive away from Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, the entire gang regrouped in a getaway car to figure out the troubles that are facing them.

In season three, "Grimm" fanatics could still remember Burkhardt and Adalind Schade's encounter because drinking the potion has taken away his powers. Captain Sean Renard, meanwhile, was shot in his chest with Weston Steward as the culprit. Capt. Renard, is left in a very critical condition. Juliette, Nick, and Hank all prepare Trubel on how to cover-up the occurrence to the cops, which seemed like an effective recipe for a big disaster.

David Greenwalt, the executive producer, revealed that the fourth season will pick up from the previous season's events, especially, in the case of Nick. He teased, "If they can cure him and if he's able to submit to the process which is a horrible and shocking one-would he want to become a Grimm once again?"

Both Jim Kouf and Greenwalt, also, are exploring the broad possibilities of having to let Renard die or live in the next season. On the other hand, David Giuntoli shed some light of the many rumors about him returning minus the supernatural powers he's acquired while being a Grimm. He even teased the public through the TV Line, "You missed the power, don't you?"

Meanwhile, the TV Guide indicated in a report that a brand new character is coming to town. Louise Lombard, a CSI alumnus, will play the role of Elizabeth Lascelles a woman of mystery with royal connections. The fans have been speculating that Lascelles will be confronting Adalind. This 43-year-old veteran British actress is popular for the character Sofia Curtis, the deputy chief of the TV show CSI.

The newest season of "Grimm" will return on Friday, Oct. 24 at NBC, but enjoy this video first.



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