Google’s Official Launching of Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player – Google’s First Android TV, Release Dates and Prices, Soon Available for Pre-Order


Google's Official Launching of Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player - Google's First Android TV, Release Dates and Prices, Soon Available for Pre-Order

Google recently revealed their latest devices: Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

Nexus 9 is an 8.9-inch phablet made by HTC. Nexus 6 is a 6-inch smartphone by Motorola Mobility, and Nexus Player is a streaming media player made by Asus. Nexus Player is the very first device to run on Android TV.

Nexus 9 is Google's first phablet device, finally entering the market of smartphone and tablet hybrid. Nexus 6, on the other hand, already beats both the recent iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by the screen size.

Regarding the Nexus Player, the vice-president of Android engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, is confident that it's going to please many users, as the company learned from their previous attempts and mistakes in making an Android TV,

"On Google TV you could get a lot of apps, but a lot of the versions were just big tablet versions on a 50 inch screen that just didn't feel right, we're much more opinionated about what an app should look like on a TV set, so we've been working very closely with app developers in the TV and content space over the past months on optimizing their applications. You'll see a much more focused set of applications that are higher quality".

Through the launched devices, Google also boasted their latest Android mobile OS, "Lollipop". Surely, Google is competing well in the Android market by maximizing the Android experience, as in their Nexus devices.

You can soon pre-order Nexus 9 and Nexus Player on October 17, while the official market release for the devices will be onNovember 3. Nexus 9 16GB is priced $399, the 32GB is priced $479, the 32GB with LTE is priced $599. The Nexus Player will cost you $99. If you want to get the optional controller for the Nexus Player, you can get it for $40.

As for the Nexus 6, you can pre-order the smartphone on October 29, with an official market release in November. In the US, the following carriers will be selling the Nexus 6 smartphone: Sprint, US Cellular, AT&T and T-Mobile. Nexus 6 32GB is priced $649 unlocked, the 64GB is priced $699.



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