Canon Reveals the Cover and Track Listing of His New Album "Loose Canon Vol. 2"


Chicago-born, Atlanta-based Christian rapper Aaron "Canon" McCain also known as Canon is set to release "Loose Canon Vol. 2" October 7th, 2014.Pre-orders for "Loose Canon Vol. 2" begin this Friday September 5th.    

Canon was raised in a lower middle class area of the Windy City on a steady diet of secular hip-hop, but with the help of his churchgoing family, specifically his mother and grandfather, McCain managed to survive early flirtations with drugs, crime, and gang violence, and shift his focus to the less prominent, but no less powerful, spiritual side of the music that shaped his formative years. After attending Bible college in Memphis, McCain hooked up with CCM hip-hop giant, producer, and entrepreneur Lecra.  The musical guru along with mentors like Reach Records frontman Derek Minor, helped to get the budding artist's career off the ground.

The newly minted Canon dropped his first mixtape, The Great Investment, in 2009, followed by a feature on Lecrae's 2011 release Rehab: The Overdose. He spent the remainder of the year on tour with Lecrae, until inking a deal of his own with Reflection Music Group. The resulting EP, Loose Canon, arrived in 2012, followed in 2013 by his official debut long-player, Mad Haven. 

Canon "Loose Canon Vol. 2" track listing

1. Go Off (feat. Lucious)Produced by RayRock
2. Motivation (feat. Social Club)Produced by Canon
3. TrippenProduced by Eighty7
4. Point of View (feat. Tragic Hero, Adia)Produced by Cardec
5. Common Sense (feat. B. Cooper, Mau Nu'u)Produced by Joyful Noise
6. Put Me On (feat. Reconcile, Derek Minor)Produced by Kenneth Aldridge
7. Dreams (feat. Tony Tillman, J.C.)Produced by MPAX
Bonus TracksReach Into the Night (feat. TJ Pompeo, Shonlock)Produced by Canon
Motivation (feat. Social Club) [EXTENDED VERSION]Produced by Canon 

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