Intel’s RealSense 3D Camera aims to give tablets a whole new dimension


If you think you've seen all tablet upgrades possible, think again: Intel® raises the bar up a notch with RealSenseTM technology, which aims simulate human-like senses in your tablet.

You'll be seeing this technology first hand with Intel's RealSense 3D Camera, which will be built into Intel® CoreTM and Intel® AtomTM processor-based tablets running both Microsoft Windows and Android.

The camera would enable new and exciting tablet functionalities. With the RealSense 3D Camera, you can now capture images in, creatively edit photos and videos, taking into consideration external elements to get the best effect possible. Video gaming becomes more immersive as computer graphics come alive beyond the tablet interface.

Documents can now be scanned, modified, printed, and shared in 3D. Scanned objects can also be manipulated using Intel's hand and finger movement tracking features for better precision. These features are complemented by natural voice language and facial recognition technologies for a more personalized experience.

Even video conferences are more personal. With the RealSense 3D Camera, participants can change background settings to minimize environmental distractions while collaborating on projects in real time.



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