Reign To Return This Fall 2014, Some Updates on Cast, Spoilers, Rumors and Other News That Will Keep You Hooked


It is official! The new hit series Reign will be returning for its second season and fans are just dying to know what is next to come. Fortunately, we have our royal squires to do our scavenging for us. So far, here are some of the things that we know what will happen.

Our royal crowd, Mary, Francis, Bash and Kenna will be dealing with quite a lot of problems as for new characters are said to be introduced on the upcoming season. Among them is Princess Claude, a royalty to watch out for. Her character has been described as very sexually advanced and a bit of a trouble maker, having been the daughter of Queen Katherine and King Henry. Will her trip to the castle be a mourning season or a plot to take over the thrown? 

As viewers will remember, Mary had finally told Francis about Lola's pregnancy and told him to ride to the latter but later on had a change of heart when she learned about the plague outside the castle. Will he survive outside the protection of the castle walls? Are we about to weep on a new character? We can only hope and wait to find out. 

While the actors and actresses that play the characters we love and loathe enjoy their free time, rest assured that the writers behind every scene we have been enticed with are working on the next episodes that will take us again on quite a royal adventure.  

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