Some Latest News, Rumors, Specs and Features of the iPhone 6: Touch ID Feature Is a Go

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More news on the soon-to-be released iPhone 6:  Just like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, the iPhone 6 will have a Touch ID sensor as well. Online reports, however, reveal that this will be configured to be more durable.

The Touch ID feature uses the phone owner's fingerprint as a passcode. It reads the fingerprint and automatically unlocks the phone. It can even be used to authorize transactions in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store. The Touch ID boasts of a 360-degree readability, which means that it can recognize the fingerprint no matter what the orientation.

Photos circulating online show the exterior of the iPhone 6, which has cut-outs on the rear shell to accommodate various features such as an antenna.

Earlier reports have marveled on the iPhone 6's reported screen, which will be made from a harder and more flexible material. Videos have shown users attempting to scratch the screen with abrasive objects such as knives, blades, keys and sandpaper - all with no visible effects.

The new iPhone 6 will reportedly come in two models: the 4.7 and 5.5-inch, the latter to be dubbed as iPhone Air. Apple fans can expect the new phone to be out in the market by Thursday, September 25, veering away from the traditional Friday launch.


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