Watch The Reverend Elvis Sing "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" to Seniors in Isolation

Reverend Elvis Bruce Sheasby

Reverend Elvis Bruce Sheasby has a passion for singing the Gospel and sharing God's Grace, especially now with seniors facing isolation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. With his own mother in a seniors' residence, the Reverend sings Can't Help Falling in Love With You in his online ministries, dedicated to his mother and all seniors, with the message that "We care and God cares!" 

Your Grace LandTM Ministries are the free online services of the Reverend's non-denominational church, a perfect fit for seniors in residences, a generation who grew up with the King of Rock 'n' Roll, many who also have a deep love for the King of Kings.  

Rev. Sheasby has always had a love and respect for the music of Elvis Presley, which has influenced his own musical style, as well as his ministry. At age 17, he sang Jailhouse Rock on The Gong Show and in 1997, the Reverend hosted and won the International Elvis Gospel Festival as a church fundraiser in a small town in Alberta, Canada, at which time he was given the name Reverend Elvis by a Toronto Sun reporter.

He has recorded and performed with Elvis's Imperials, including original members of the gospel group that sang with Elvis Presley. The Reverend Elvis has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities through his Rev Elvis & Friends Blue Christmas benefits, and has over 27 years of ministry experience visiting seniors in residences for worship services and pastoral care as well as inspirational concerts. 

Reverend Elvis, an ordained minister and Master of Divinity, says: "My mission is to share God's Grace with you wherever you're at;  whether you are experiencing isolation at home or in a seniors' residence, there can be Peace in the Valley, as a connection to God's Grace offers comfort and support."

Despite an on-going trademark dispute with the Estate of Elvis Presley, who The Reverend says is accusing him of acting in bad faith, he claims Your Grace LandTM as the Providence of God. He performs If I Can Dream promoting Your Grace LandTM Ministries with the inspirational message that, during this time of the pandemic, "out there in the dark, there's a beckoning candle, yeah."



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