Rachael Inwood Shares the Story Behind "God with Us"

Rachael Inwood

Worship leader Rachael Inwood has just released her new single via Homegrown Worship "God with Us."  The song is a gorgeously crafted profession of our trust in Jesus, who is always with us. 

Inwood shares about how the song came about: "This song started life a long time ago, yet it feels so relevant for today. The starting point was Isaiah 7 and 9 and the names of Jesus and that he is God with us. I had the chorus written with the line "God With Us", and a melody, that's all I had. 

A year ago, I was looking at events that were going on around me. There was so much change going on. I usually don't mind change, but I felt like there was so much uncertainty happening. I was struggling to see what God was doing in it. I started to write a song to express how I was feeling at the time, and ended up with quite a few verses, but nothing else. Then I remembered the "God With Us" chorus. 

Even though this song started life over a year ago, I believe that the words are so right for the time that we find ourselves in right now. When we are feeling unsure, fearful, and out of control about the events that are happening around us, we can still put our hope in God. Where we are struggling to see what God is doing this time, we have to choose to trust him, to believe in him. God is a good Father, and we have to choose to believe and trust in him daily. God will never fail us."

Everything on earth fades away/Nothing is this world is here to stay/When the anxious thoughts fill my mind/I'll trust in God, Emmanuel  

Rachael Inwood has been playing in worship bands since she was 10 years old, and even started with the flute in her family church. Over the years, she has been in various different worship bands that have taken her around the country. She now leads the worship team at her church in Milton Keynes. 

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