Michael W. Smith Wants to Hear You Sing His Hit "Waymaker"

michael w. smith

Michael W. Smith is in need of a favor. He is requesting fans to record themselves singing his top 10 hit single "Waymaker." All of the recordings will be layered to create a new version of the song with Smith singing with all his fans!

Here's the version of the song he wants you to sing along to:

Here are the instructions:

Please send us the ENTIRE song - not just a snippet - follow the below instructions.

Here's how to do it:

  • Have your computer or any device ready to play the song.
  • Take your phone and turn it to create a selfie video of yourself. Start recording.
  • Don't turn the audio up too loud. In fact if possible to put EarPods / headphones we don't hear ANY music that would be great. But you need to be able to follow along to the radio version of the song so it will work.
  • Remember it must be THIS version that you're singing to - so we can match it up with other singers:
  • WE WANT to hear you.. we don't need professional singers - please know that we will be hoping to layer hundreds of voices together singing at the same time.
  • After you're done - and have read the below "terms / legal stuff" - email your recording of the entire song to
    Deadline is Tuesday, April 7th at 8 pm central.

The stuff lawyers make us say:  By emailing us your video you are giving us permission to use the video / recording in a video that will be broadcast later on the internet and are giving us a full global license to use your recording in whatever way we need / wish. (Please know that we are not going to be making any blooper reels of this so you have nothing to worry about like that... this song is special and we will not use any recordings inappropriately).

That's it.  That simple.



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