Inside Edition's Megan Alexander Shares How Her New Book Can Help Anxious Children

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Megan Alexander is an Emmy nominated national news correspondent, author, speaker and actress. She can be seen every evening as a correspondent on the longest-running, top rated syndicated national news magazine television show INSIDE EDITION.

Recently, Alexander has released her charming debut children's picture book, One More Hug. The story is about a young boy discovering the comfort of unconditional love and reassurance. The book was inspired by Megan's oldest son, Chase, who experienced anxiety getting on the school bus. He kept running back for "one more hug." The idea stuck with Megan, and the book was born. 

This is a darling story for all ages, demonstrating that fears and worries are normal and important to talk about. Whether jitters on a windy night, butterflies when the curtain rises, or nerves getting on the school bus, this book beautifully illustrates the sweet moments of childhood anxiety. It reminds us how important it is to offer reassurance to a child. 

Published by Simon & SchusterOne More Hug is available now and can be ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million along with independent bookstores.  

Q:  Megan, thanks for doing this interview with us. Many may know of you through TV and also in the movies, but some may not know much about your own family.  Tell us a little about your family? 

I have a Mom of 3 young children. My son Chace is 8 years old, my son Catcher is 4 years old, and my baby girl Capri is 2 months. 

Q:  You have recently written your new children's book. What inspired you to write a book for children?

My oldest son, Chace, had anxiety getting on the school bus in kindergarten. He kept running back for "one more hug" and would ask me for 4-5 hugs. He ended up being the last on the school bus! It became our little exchange. He would ask for "one more hug" and I would respond "there is always time for one more hug." I had been in talks with Simon & Schuster about doing a children's book, and when I met with them, they asked me about my family and I shared this story. They said -  "that is the book you need to write!"

Q:  Briefly, tell us what is the book about? 

It is the relationship of a Mom and young son, and his request for "one more hug" or "one more kiss" at all stages of his life. Hopefully it shares the message with everyone that we must Cherish these moments and make room for our little boys to always feel welcome to share their feelings. It was illustrated by the very talented "Hiroe Nakata" from Japan. 

Q:  You speak about the importance of reassuring our children.  What are some practical ways we can reassure our children in times of anxieties?

Offer hugs, kisses, pats on the back - and be available to share those at anytime. Just be aware of their feelings and insecurities. And especially for little boys, receive them. Instead of telling them to "shake it off", cherish those requests and help them express their emotions. My best friend, who is a nurse, told me that our #1 job as Parents is to help our kids express their emotions. 

Q:  What's the role of faith in such anxious times?

It's everything! The Lord tells us to "cast all our cares upon Him". And to "be still and know that I am God". I think we need to look to the Lord for guidance on how to steady ourselves in such anxious times. I am certainly grateful for His Love and peace. 

Q:  You have also recorded a new song to go along with the book.  Tell us more about this song?

Yes! Once I got my book deal with Simon & Schuster, my next phone call was to my dear friend Lucas Hoge and Michael Hunter Ochs. They are both legit songwriters and I asked if we could all write a song based on this book.  They said yes immediately. We wrote the children's song. "One More" in less than 2 hours. I recorded the vocals and its on iTunes and all the major music platforms, plus we put together a music video for the song that really expresses this message. My kids are in the music video, and I think it perfectly compliments the book. Link to you tube video here - . 

Q:  Ever thought about recording a full album?

YES -  would love to! 

Q:  How can this book help parents out there with anxious children?

Reading to our kids is one way~ I hope the act of literally sitting down with your children and reading this book will help. And the conversation that might arise, and the opportunity to let your kids know that there is "always time for one more hug" and that you will always be there. Studies show that kids who are read to have better confidence and social skills. I am honored to play a small role in the wonderful ritual of bedtime stories! 

Connect with Megan:
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