InSalvation Releases their Brand New Single "All Eyes on You"


'All Eyes On You' is the first single from the Dutch Worship Band InSalvation - a track lifted from their forthcoming album 'Exodus'.

InSalvation (founded in 2006) has become a solid part of the Christian worship landscape in the Netherlands. The passionate pop and rock band is known for songs like 'Fill This House with Your Glory', 'Neon', 'Power in the Blood' and 'God Who Saves'. It is a band with a heart for worship and justice. InSalvation longs to worship God collectively, and then go back into the world completely changed. InSalvation is a band with six dedicated and passionate members: Jafeth and Sifra Bekx, Andy Stuijfzand, Tanja van Schuylenburg, Henny Mugge and Hanjo Fisser.

"I have so enjoyed getting to know InSalvation & seeing how God is using them to draw people's attention to Jesus through Worship & Evangelism"says Les Moir, A&R Manager for Integrity Music "Also so proud of the Exodus album that have recorded with producer Trevor Michael & arranger Jonny Bird. What a treat to have InSalvation as part of the Integrity family."

Seeing the world through the eyes of God by focusing our eyes collectively on Him. That is the message of 'All Eyes on You', the new single from InSalvation. It is the first single of the new studio album called 'EXODUS', which will be released February next year. 

'All Eyes on You' is musically a real 'anthem'. It has a surprisingly fresh and catchy sound. The sound is just as urgent as the message: it is in an invitation to collectively focus on God, even in turbulent times. Jafeth Bekx from InSalvation about the song: "People will sing together words like: 'We lift our eyes to You oh God, the King of Kings, our champion. You radiate with perfect love. We'll seek your face 'til kingdom come'. It is our desire that every person will live their lives with this foundation in mind. When we keep our eyes on God, we see the world and everyone in it through His eyes. When we focus on God, His Kingdom will become more visible."

InSalvation is much more than a worship band. In January 2005 InSalvation became a foundation with a board and three pillars: Worship, Justice & Equipping. Jafeth:"We dream of an even larger movement in Europe. We dream of people rising up to follow Jesus with great dedication and love. We pray that this generation will live a life of worship and justice." 

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