Resound Worship Release Live Album 'Let Praise Resound'

Resound Worship

British worship collective Resound Worship have released a live album titled 'Let Praise Resound (LIVE)'. Recorded live at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough, in May, every song on the album was collaboratively tested, critiqued and refined by the Resound Worship writing team.

"We've released well over 100 songs in the past twelve years, often engaging with neglected themes in contemporary worship writing", explained Resound Worship, "but for this project we wanted to showcase the heart of what we're about.

We selected twelve of our most popular and accessible songs and recorded them live with an amazing band and a congregation full of our friends and supporters. We are delighted with the result, and we hope that these tried-and-tested songs can make an even wider contribution to the worshipping church."

Resound Worship was established in 2006. The core group now includes a dozen worship leader-songwriters from around the country. Resound also host annual songwriting retreats and produce a popular worship songwriting podcast.

"The Resound ethos is to marry theological substance with congregationally singable melodies. We want to resource the church with songs that engage heart, mind and soul. These songs are birthed in our local congregations, refined by collaboration and peer critique in our songwriting groups, and then shared more widely on our website. The goal is to encourage the church in richer worship, so many of our resources are available for free." 


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