Matt Case Releases "If You Need Me"

matt case

Worship leader and songwriter Matt Case has released his new album If You Need Me.  The record features 7 new original recordings, offering a revealing look into the artist's awe-filled reverence for his Creator.

With soul-baring honesty, this collection of contemporary music explores the depth of God's love and His tremendous desire for people to know Him and experience His peace. The overwhelming assurance of God's presence and everlasting love is clearly seen in the poignant lyrics of the title track "If You Need Me," a contemporary piece later reimagined as a moving acoustic ballad.

While the album's primary focus is Matt's spiritual journey, "You're the One" and "You've Always Got Me" tenderly express his deep love for his wife. This project resonates with authenticity at every turn, inviting its listeners to heartfelt worship. 


1. If You Need Me
2. You're the One
3. Sweep You Away
4. You Say
5. You've Always Got Me
6. How Could He
7. If You Need Me (Ballad) 

To purchase the album, click here.

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